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Human Resource and Administration

Human Resource and Administration


Who We Are

The Administration Department serves as a Secretariat of the Establishment Committee of the Council. The Department deals with all Staff matters such as recruitment, training and development, discipline and grievances. The Department is the Center of all administrative functions of the Local Authority and coordinates the operations of all other Departments in ensuring that the Council carries one vision as an Institution and that its operation is well portrayed to the outside world. It manages provision of Administrative and logistical support services in order to ensure efficient and effective operations of the Council.

Sections in the Departments:

 1.Transport Section

The Section is responsible for effectively ensuring that there is availability of transport in order to facilitate mobility of Staff and transportation of materials and equipment.

 2.Secretarial Section

The Section is responsible of timely managing the provision of Secretarial services in order to ensure smooth operations in the Council.

3. Audit Section

The Unit is responsible of overseeing that the undertaking of Internal Audit operation in order to facilitate internal controls are adhered to and safe guard Council assets.

 4.Procurement Section

The Unit is responsible of supervising and undertaking the procurement of goods and services in order to ensure smooth operations of the Council.

5. Human Resource Section

The Section is responsible of managing effectively the Human Resource Management function in order to enhance Staff Performance and Industrial Harmony.

 6. Committee Section – The Section is responsible for servicing all Committee and Council proceedings. It is the custodian of all Council reports and minutes and coordinates the implementation of the Council decisions through the Heads of Departments.

 7. Registry/Records Section – The Section is the distribution center of all mails in the Council. All the Official mails from within and outside Council are received and distributed by this Section. It also sends out/posts all Official mails and all Official files are kept in the Section.

8. Police Section – This Section is responsible for the enforcement of By-Laws and regulations. It is also responsible for curbing street vending in the City and the control of illegal trading in all the Townships.

Site and Service Areas

  • Shikoswe
  • Nangongwe
  • Chawama
  • Kasengele
  • Nangongwe Extension

Settlement Areas

  • Zambia Compound
  • Kalundu View
  • Soloboni
  • Kalundu View Over-spill

The Council is responsible for recognition and legalization.

Land application procedure – Site and Service

Council identifies land, demarcates it in appropriate sizes ranging from Residential and Commercial purposes before it is numbered accordingly.

Council sits to approve recommendations from the Committee.

Issuance of Land Record Card to successful applicants upon payment of stipulated service charge as determined by Council from time to time.

Once the building permit is granted, the building must be completed within Six (6) months from the date of the permit or the permit must be renewed.

The Council may reposes the holding of the plot if the developer fails to observe any of the stipulated conditions.

Occupations, Sell or Transfer of the Property

The Owner paying the rentals shall be entitled to occupy the holding for a minimum period of ten (10) years commencing from the date of occupation.

If one wishes to sell or transfer the property, payment of outstanding rentals and change of ownership fee must be paid in full to the Council.

No sale or transfer of ownership is processed until the property is advertised to the Public for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of notice.