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Planning Department 

Roles and Services of the department and how they can be obtained;

The department of planning is headed by the District Planning Officer and has the following sections;

 Physical Planning Section

  • Administration of land in conjunction with Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources
  • To ensure orderly development of human settlements in the district.
  • Responsible for processing applications for land use development and/or change
  • Control of spatial development in the district

Socio Economic Planning Section

  • Coordination of developmental programmes, projects and activities in the district.
  • Facilitate administration and utilization of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and Ward Development Fund (WDF).
  • Facilitates the formulation of district development plans.
  • Provision of secretarial support to the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC).
  • Promote decentralized planning systems in the district.
  • Develop and manage the district database
  • Monitoring and evaluation of developmental projects

Public Health Section

  • Enforcement of the Public Health and other related Acts in order to ensure compliance
  • Inspection of premises and monitoring of pollution levels in order to ensure adherence and compliance to the relevant environmental laws.
  • Inspections and sampling of meat and other foods in order to ensure that they are safe for public consumption.
  • scrutiny of building plans and issuance of occupational certificates in order to ensure that building developments are habitable and safe
  • Disease prevention, mitigation and control activities in order to minimize the prevalence of communicable diseases in the Town.
  • Certification of the preservation and preparation of human remains for transportation in order to reduce the risk of communicable diseases

 Community Development Section

  • Provision of preschool and adult education programs in order to promote early childhood and adult literacy
  • Delivery of skills training programs in order to empower members of the community
  • Provision of sports and recreation facilities in order to improve the wellbeing of the community
  • Development and promotion of sports and related recreation inorder to improve the well being of the community

 District HIV/AIDS Coordination Section

  • Co-ordinate the local response in line with the priorities of the national HIV and AIDS Strategic Framework
  • Co-ordinates and supervises the activities of the decentralized HIV multi-sectoral response at District and Sub-district level
  • Undertaking of HIV and AIDS research activities at the sub national level and participate in the generation of evidence based plans based on the research findings
  • Collection, storage, retrieval and analysis of the local data on HIV and AIDS for planning and decision making at various levels of the Local Authority
  • Provide expertise and technical assistance to implementing partners of HIV/AIDS programmes at District and Sub-district levels

 Environmental Planning Section

  • Review of environmental assessment documents in order to recommend appropriate measures.
  • Environmental education in order to solicit for community participation in environmental management and conservation
  • Implementation of environmental mitigation measures in order to ensure compliance with statutory and legally set standards.

The services can be obtained through written communication addressed to the Council Secretary or by visiting the offices at Civic Center.


  • Health Permits
  • Medical Certificates for food handlers
  • Occupation Certificate
  • Transportation permits
  • Liquor License
  • opaque permit
  • Occupancy License