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Water Resources Development

The Department of Water Resources Development is responsible for the development and management of water resources to ensure availability of good quality and safe water for social and economic development.

Following the enactment of the Water Resources Management Act No. 21 of 2011 where the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) delegated its water resources management functions to the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA), it became necessary to restructure the water function in the ministry. To this effect, the Department of Water Resources Development (DWRD) has been proposed to be established in the ministry to undertake the water resources development functions (Water resources Infrastructure development related to Dams and Groundwater exploration) as well as International Waters.

The water development function includes among others undertaking surveys, actual construction, and maintenance and data management (Hydrogeomatics) as well as research in the development of water resources. In addition, it involves providing support in technical planning, budgeting and mobilisation of resources.

Specifically, the functions of the DWRD shall be to:

  1. Develop hydraulic infrastructure such as dams, weirs, levees, canals for harnessing water resources to support all sectors;
  2. Carry out exploratory drilling to facilitate development of well fields and production boreholes for strategic interventions;

 iii. Carry out research in water resources development

  1. Develop and manage an inventory of Dams and Exploratory boreholes
  2. Carry out functions related to the management and development of International Waters;
  3. Facilitate cooperation over shared water resources (Develop strategies for development of international water resources)

 vii. Oversee implementations of programs emanating from regional and international agreements on shared water resources

The Department shall be responsible for the development and implementation of polices, programmes and projects on water resources in order to ensure its sustainable utilization.

The Department shall perform the following specific functions:

  1. Construct, rehabilitate and maintain water resources infrastructure (Dams and Boreholes) in order to harness water resources for use;
  2. Formulate and review water resources development strategy and action plans in order to facilitate resource mobilization and attainment of set objectives;
  3. Provide technical guidance to the district WASHE committee;
  4. Ensure that Borehole drilling companies operating in the district are in compliance with the statutory regulations..
  5. Conduct exploratory research and surveys on the availability of water resources in order to facilitate their development;
  6. Provide technical guidance and support to stakeholder institutions on matters relating to water resources development in order to ensure effective utilization;
  7. Collaborate with Stakeholders in planning and implementation of water resources development programmes in order to ensure a harmonized approach to programme execution;
  8. Conduct research on water development related issues in order to facilitate evidence based planning and decision making;
  9. Maintain a comprehensive geo-spatial database on dams and exploratory boreholes in order to facilitate storage and retrieval of information for decision making;
  10. Develop and implement programmes on transboundary waters in order to foster international and regional cooperation on their utilization;
  11. Facilitate the development and review of policies and legislation on water in order to provide an appropriate framework for the effective management and implementation of programmes;
  12. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of programmes and projects in order to recommend appropriate interventions and ensure attainment of set goals;