The District Commissioner

The District Commissioner will be reporting to the Provincial Permanent Secretary and will be responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating Government and Local Authority Programmes in order to ensure their effective implementation and enhance the development process in the District.
  • Interpreting Government policies and Programmmes in order to ensure correct understanding and create Public awareness.
  • Management of the registration of all Villages, Associations, Clubs and Voters in the District in order to ensure compliance to legal provisions.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of District Development Programmmes and Activities in order to recommend and put in place appropriate intervention measures.
  • Overseeing the operations of the DDCC in order to ensure focused and planned development and implementation of Programmes.
  • Supervising and undertaking assigned functions of unrepresented departments at the District level in Order to ensure consistency in implementation of their Programmes.
  • Managing the utilization of financial, Material and other resources in order to facilitate attainment of District Development goals and objectives.
  • Managing the implementation of Protocol arrangements for visiting VIPs in order to accord the due respect ad uphold the dignity of their positions.
  • Managing Government activities relating to Chiefs Affairs in order to facilitate the participation of traditional rulers in the development process of the District.

Itezhi-tezhi is one of the eleven districts of the Central Province of Zambia.

It is located in the south-western part of the Province and lies at approximately 175km north of Mumbwa and 62Km West of Namwala District across the Kafue River on the North Bank. It is situated 26 degrees South and 15 degrees East and shares boarders with other districts namely:Luampa in the west, Kazungula and Kalomo in south-west, Choma in the south, Namwala in the south-east and Mazabuka in the east. Itezhi-tezhi district has an approximate surface area of about 15000 square kilometers.


The District participated in the 2018 Central Province Investment Forum and Expo. Itezhi Tezhi district is open to investment in fields such as Tourism, Energy, Fisheries, Livestock, Agriculture, Real Estate, Commerce and Mining.

The Council’s Mission Statement is:


Itezhi tezhi town council was established in 1997 when the Late President Fredrick Titus Jacob Chiluba declared Itezhi Tezhi as a district. Itezhi tezhi district was born from Namwala district.

Itezhi tezhi town council is comprised of thirteen 13 Councilors, three chiefs representatives and the Council chairperson who is the political head bringing the total number of members of the council to seventeen 17.

It has six departments namely institutional management, Administration, Human Resource, Planning, Works and Finance. Itezhi Tezhi District Council currently has one pay point which is situated at the Main offices in Kataba area for our walk in clients. The collection of revenues is governed by by-laws through various statutory instruments. Other payments can be made online via our banks accounts after consultation with our offices.

Our Service hours are from Monday to Friday – 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs

Council Secretary: To oversee and manage the operations of the Council in order to ensure effective delivery of quality services to the community.

Director of Engineering Services: Manages Council Engineering works in order to construct and maintain public infrastructure.

Director of Housing and Social Services: To oversee and manage the provision of Environment, Housing and Social Services in order to enhance community development.

Director of Human Resource and Administration: To oversee and manage the human resource and administration functions in order to ensure efficient and effective operations of the Council.

Director of Finance: Oversees effectively and efficiently the mobilization and prudent utilization of financial in order to enhance smooth operations of the Council.

Director of Public Health: To oversee effectively the provision of Public Health services in order to prevent and protect the public from environmental health hazards.

Director of Planning:To manage Planning activities in order to attain coordinated development in the Municipality.